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All In One VDMS for RAG

VDMS = Vector Data Management System / RAG = Retrieval Augmented Generation

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All In One for RAG

Beautiful Extraction

In Chat with PDF products, inaccurate outputs are often produced due to the low-quality OCR technology used. We perform ultra-precise data extraction using industry-leading AI-OCR technology.

Semantic Chunk

In unstructured data preprocessing, coarse token-based data splitting is common, but it's the largest factor that degrades the quality of LLM outputs. We appropriately attach semantic information to chunks to prevent fragmentation.

Vector Store

Access our fully managed vector database via API. SDKs and documentation for Python, Node.js, and Ruby are also coming soon. For more details, please contact us.

Deploy on your Azure

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In enterprises, there is often a need for vnet integration within the Azure tenant. Gleaner meets this need by enabling deployment in a fully enclosed Azure environment.

Request Early Access

Currently available to a select group of partners only. Contact us to secure early access.

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